Wearing a Face Mask

Cites are continuing to experiencing cases of COVID 19, but the number of cases seems to reducing and cities are slowly reopening. COVID 19 is still a serious problem and should not be ignored. [Sources: 1]

Wearing a fabric mask does not completely protect you from being infected with the new coronavirus, but it can reduce the chance of spreading, whether or not you show symptoms. Instead, the CDC recommends that people wear some kind of fabric face covering, even if it is a home-made mask, scarf or headscarf. The CDC suggests that the public buy enough of it to hold stocks, but leave some for the people who need them most.

At Maks Ontario for every box of face mask purchased, we donate 10 masks to a frontline worker in need.

Although surgical masks and N95 respirators are designed for onetime use, they are used by many doctors, nurses and necessary staff for multiple purposes. Surgical masks of medical quality are in short supply, and medical staff in front-line hospitals and clinics are facing a shortage of supplies. That is why Surgeon General has called on the public to stop buying PSA. [Sources: 2]

We manufacture our non Medical Face masks in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials, such as black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink or blue. [Sources: 3] And we sell many unique brands, we can also customize face masks to meet your needs.

Before you buy a face mask, here is the conclusion: they must be comfortable, washable and double filtration feature is crucial when selecting a mask [Sources: 4] Cotton face mask options are perhaps the most convenient and easy to fold and wear, but check out our online store for even more options

Masks that use thicker material designs or multiple layers may be warmer, but they capture breathing droplets that are accidentally emitted when speaking, coughing or sneezing. If you find fabric face masks uncomfortable due to ear loops, we also sell a line of ear savers that will help.

Most importantly, continue to practice washing your hands no matter what type of mask you have, and practice washing your hands. [Sources: 4]


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